Saturday, April 6, 2013

At Odds

What a weird day.

Last night I finished reading the last talk from October's General Conference.  There were so many that I enjoyed and highlighted and that I want to write down.  The conference bags were finished and stacked on the shelf.  I had a girls' night out (more on that later).  I was ready to be spiritually fed!

And then the girls woke me up this morning and I was NOT ready.  And they're not the most gentle of darlings in the morning.  Cries of "the sun is up mommy" are following by elbows and knees all over as they climb into my bed, take over my pillow, and then proceed to fight with each other.

And that's just the beginning.

By the time conference rolled around at 11 a.m. I was a crabby, angry, mommy mess.

Did you hear the first 2 talks?  Ok, specifically, did you hear Elaine S. Dalton's talk?  I did (somewhat miraculously I might add).  It was humbling and chastening but also inspirational.  As in, I need to be a better mom and wife but she's not making me feel like dirt so I think I can do it.  I wrote down a few key points but I am eagerly looking forward to the transcript being on the web because I need to read it and soak it in.

So the day got a little better . . . and then Chopper went to Priesthood session.  And the girls were WILD.  And William was SCREAMING.  And I was a crabby, angry, mommy mess all over again.

So I yelled at the girls.  I spanked the girls.  And I shut them in their room with threats if they came out.  Then I rocked William to sleep.  Then I let the girls out one at a time to brush their teeth.  After that I was going to turn out their light and let them cry or yell or be crazy or whatever.  I was done!

Instead, I felt a little bit like maybe we should read scriptures.  So I made them stay in bed and LISTEN while I read scriptures from the Book of Mormon stories (and answered questions about destruction and visions and wickedness) then I said prayers with each girl and read a few other stories because they were good and listened.

And then they went to bed.  They didn't go to sleep right away of course but it wasn't crazy, it wasn't loud, and when they came out to use the bathroom or get medicine on itchy feet they went right back in (well, after feeding me a candy cane from the candy cane socks).  But they were totally sweet and compliant.

It was a weird day -- mainly because I was all over the map.  But it also was a little miraculous reminder of the power of the scriptures and prayer to soften hearts and instill peace.  Both for me and the girls.  
So I'm going to bed to end on a good note and hopefully start tomorrow off right.  And finish it right.

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