Monday, July 2, 2012

I laughed, I cried, I shook my head in frustration

Ok I didn't really cry.  But sometimes I want to.  But the frustration and the laughter are real.  

Abby is into EVERYTHING!  We've had to take pictures of some of her antics so that someday I WILL laugh.  Lately, she wants to use all my rugs as blankets . . . 

Yesterday she got into the pantry and starting eating the flour and then turned to plastic spoons.  She was chewing on them so hard she splintered them into pieces and then when I took it away she went for more.  It's kind've a pain having a whole bottom shelf you can't even use . . . 

Today I was working on our projects sticks (more on that later), and Megan was helping me color with markers.  Abby did a little bit and then took off.  Why?  Because she started eating them, knowing full well she would be in trouble when she got caught.  So by the time I took the marker away this is what she looked like: 

Yes, she's crying because I took it away -- not because her mouth was blue or because it tasted (at least I think it did -- I don't eat markers) terrible.

But then tonight she made me laugh.  Oh and this is a story about flatulence so be warned because we're not shy about it around our house (sorry dad).

Apparently the girls were fighting over a toy and broke it.  Megan started to cry (no big surprise there) and Abby started farting (tooting, passing gas, which word would you like me to use?) and they started laughing. So Chopper came to tell me (I wasn't present for that) the story because he was glad that the issue was resolved in a non-confrontational way . . . sort've, and Abby followed him into our room and climbed up on the bed with us.  Hearing the story, she decides to demonstrate and we couldn't help but laugh which means of course that she has to do it again, but apparently she's out of gas.  So then she says "I fink it's not working!" and tries again -- straining -- "mom I fink it's not working, I try again."  

I admit, I laughed really hard.

I can't even imagine what the personality of number three is going to be and I'm a little worried about how he'll be competing for attention . . . 

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Denise Gasser said...

Kristy! I just got on and looked at blogs today for the first time in literally months! I have been so wrapped up in this move, I have totally lost touch with you. Abby sounds hilariously frustrating...and clever. It sounds like Megan is doing a little better, at least with the potty training. What a crazy time for you, yet you are still positive, and and tackling one project after another. I love the new quilt, and the centerpieces you made. You are doing so many good things! Keep it up Kristy, you are inspiring.