Monday, July 16, 2012

Technologically Deficient

All my friends and family already know that I'm fairly technologically deficient.  I don't text, my cell phone still flips open, we don't have cable tv or do Netflicks or any of that -- and yet I had to try my hand at newborn photography.  Just because I can hardly resist this boy!!

Let's just say that anything good about these pictures is all William!  Photography will NOT be my next profession . . . 
 Classic Goodman (that's my mom's family)-- he sleeps with his mouth open pretty frequently.

 All those cute feet shots?  Maybe I'm too close here because they look enormous.  Actually, he does have really long toes!

 I just still cannot get over this hair!!

 Despite my lack of abilities, I continue to take dozens and dozens of pictures and we lay around and watch him quite a bit.  It's still funny to me to have 3 children and already it's taking some maneuvering -- and right now there are 3 adults in the house too!

Now if you want to see some REAL photography, the pictures that were taken at the hospital were done by a professional service and they're much better.  Of course if you want copies -- you pay for them (out the nose) but you can see a few if you go to and search by name and birthdate.  And I have a friend coming over to try her hand so maybe I can get some good tips!!

One thing I've done to help us keep our sanity while we're fairly housebound is to invest in some new fun things to do.  A lot of that means cheap art projects (which we haven't started yet), but today when I took William to the doctor for the first time, I pulled out the Angry Birds board game for the girls.  Megan was introduced to Angry Birds by my brother Mark and his Amazing IPad over Christmas and has never quite been the same.  She was incredibly excited by the game when I pulled it out and my mom says that it did keep her entertained building and just playing with the birds and the pigs.  Then this afternoon I sat down with her to play the way it's supposed to be . . . warning, the game says for ages 5+ and really it should be for ages 15+ . . . 
 You have cards with different point values and pictures of building setups.  The idea is simple -- you build the configuration, knock it over with the specified number of angry birds, and you get the points.  First one to 1000 (they come as 100, 200, 300 point levels) wins.    The configuration above?  300 points (Megan picked it of course) and it took me at least 10 minutes to set it up.  I'm not kidding.

 The red blur?  That's an angry bird flying through the air.  It's harder than it looks to get them on target and knock things over.

But eventually we did!  I guess it's a success in the sense that Megan loves it, it's something we have to do together, and it takes up A LOT of time.  But if you're looking for an easy distraction?  Go out and buy and IPad.


Alicia said...

Look at you guys playing games already! I'm jealous that I don't get to play games with you anymore. Not that either of us would have ANY time to sit a play a game with an ADULT. Good luck being housebound. He's a cutie!

Denise Gasser said...

Great photos Kristy! Especially those first two. I'd say those look pretty professional! Beautiful baby, beautiful family! Love you guys.