Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Celebrating Our Independence!!

Today has been a very interesting scramble.  We intended to go to a parade in the next town over but my friend Jenn called this morning to say it had been held on Saturday!  Whoops!  So we found one down in The Colony (yes that's an actual city) and drove there for the festivities.  It wasn't a very big parade but it was shady and breezy and actually very comfortable weather so I was happy.  There was candy throwing involved so the girls were happy.  And Chopper had no pain so he was happy.  What, pain?  I'll get to that in a minute!

Waiting for the parade to get to us.

 I don't know why this one is fuzzy -- Chopper is tickling Megan under the chin to get her to smile.  All it resulted in was a squished face!

 Over this last weekend I pulled the sewing machine out yet again and whipped up some cute red star skirts for the girls.  Seriously easy.  Seriously.  And they turned out really cute.  I couldn't resist.

 I just love Abby's face here.

 And Megan's here.  Pretty typical.

 Filling up on parade candy of course!

 Ok I seriously need makeup.  The sad part is that I am wearing makeup but you can hardly tell.  

A little better picture of the pregnant belly -- almost 39 weeks!!

So the pain thing.  
Last night Chopper started complaining about stomach pains and in all honesty I kind've wrote him off because he had had potluck at work yesterday and he kind've has a sensitive stomach (he doesn't think so but I do).  So he's trying his usual, Pepto Bismol, baths, even Megan's Miralax to get things moving -- finally at 2 a.m. he wakes me up and tells me he's going to Urgent Care because it is NOT getting better and he's starting to think that something's wrong.  Then he calls me at 2:30 a.m. to tell me that urgent care is closed and he's headed to the ER at the hospital.

5 a.m. rolls around and he finally arrives home with a surprise result -- gallstones!  Well, only one but it's 2.1 centimeters which is apparently the biggest the ER doctor has ever seen (I don't know if that's because it's really big or because he doesn't have a lot of experience with gall stones).  Recommendation?  Surgery of course!

So tonight I don't think we'll be doing fireworks.  I don't think Chopper or I can stay up late enough and THEN deal with the girls tomorrow after a late night.

And it changes my thoughts about delivery as well.  If surgery really is going to happen, then we'll probably induce the weekend after my due date (the 14th) so that I have some recovery time before we send him in to surgery and he can have some recovery time before my mom leaves!!  Whew!  July may just end up being the month of the invalid.

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