Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Scary Stuff

Chopper's surgery yesterday went well.  But what was supposed to be a 3 hour ordeal turned into a 9 hour ordeal.  Not the surgery itself exactly: the doctor was running late and then the anesthesiologist (I think I spelled that right) so they got a new one that Chopper had to go over everything with and then his after surgery recovery in the hospital took a little more time.

But he's out and he's doing fine although he can't lift anything over 20 pounds for 6 weeks.  So the kids are all on me!!  Of course when he got home he had to show me his battle scars -- 3 small incisions across the abdomen and one in the belly button.  As far as surgeries go, not bad.  But they creep me out because it looks like he was stabbed or something.  And there's no stitches -- just glue.  Ultra strong surgery glue, but it still looks scary, like they might just pop open if you twist wrong or something.

Today a friend of mine took the girls for a play date this morning which was WONDERFUL!  They have pretty desperately needed some time with friends and time out of the house.  And she was sweet enough to take the girls without me -- I dropped them off, came home, fed William, picked them up.

But apparently while they were there, Abby walked out the front door, closed it behind her, and followed the mailman down the street.  My friend found her fairly quickly and thank goodness for decent people -- when she got to Abby, the mailman was on the phone with the police and watching her from his mail truck.  I don't blame my friend in any way, shape, or form.  But it seriously made me think because Abby gets up in the morning before I do.  Right now, she goes and gets Grandma (who also is an early riser), but when Chopper goes back to work I'm going to have him deadbolt the door when he leaves -- not just lock the knob.  Of course I probably need to work on getting up earlier myself as well, but at least I know that Abby can't reach the deadbolt, let alone undo it!  And maybe I need to wander the house again and double-check my child proofing AGAIN.

I think Abby is the reason that I'm getting so many gray hairs . . . 

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