Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Grandma's Here!

Well we can have the baby now!  

I have wonderful friends have offered to step up and take the girls should I go into labor, but it's just nice to have mom here and know that we're taken care of at a moment's notice.  Plus the girls are so excited that she's here!  They've already been through her make-up bag, confiscated her flashlight, gone to her for sympathy when they've gotten in trouble, and needed hugs and kisses and tapping.  Yes tapping.  It's energy work that my mom does and started with Megan last time she was here and I have not kept it up -- partly because I ask Megan if she wants to and she says no.  But tonight, first night here, a little voice floats out of Megan's room at bedtime: "Grandma will you do tapping with me?"

Grandma's arrival also means presents -- today it was Hello Kitty outfits with super sparkly skirts!  The girls promptly shed their clothes and wore them the rest of the day.

So now the baby can come!!  We'll see . . . 

In other news, Megan drew this picture of Chopper that she was very proud of.  It's pretty good too.

Then she added monstrous ears and declared it Curious George.  Guess I'm glad it's not still Chopper!

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