Thursday, July 19, 2012

Back to the Hospital We Go!

William and I are just fine so you know.  In fact, more than fine really.  It's only been a week of course but he is already my easiest baby so far.  He only fusses for food or clothes (he does not enjoy being naked, unlike my girls) and at night, after he's eaten, HE GOES BACK TO SLEEP!  Can I just tell you what a miracle that is????  Both my girls were night owls for at least a month where they would eat and then just stay awake for an hour or so.  Getting sleep makes such a difference and I hope he continues on this trend!

Anyway.  Chopper was able to schedule his surgery for the 24th (next Tuesday!) to have his gall bladder removed.  The doctor thinks he'll only need to take the rest of the week off of work and then will be fine -- here's keeping our fingers crossed!  I'm glad he could schedule it while my mom is still here to help (I don't know how glad she is though . . . ) and I'm sure it will be fine but it will definitely be recovery crazy around our house!

Some cute things from the girls today: 
Megan and Abby spent a good portion of the morning running around the house with flashlights looking for gall stones.
I'm nursing William right before dinner (which the girls have been very interested in) and Megan comes in to tell me she's hungry.  So I say, "after I'm done feeding William, then I'll feed you".  She gets that surprised Megan look on her face, puts her hand on her chest and says, "you're going to FEED me?"  So apparently the term "feed" is now associated with nursing.
Abby keeps lifting her shirt and leaning over William when he's laying on the floor.  I couldn't figure out why and then she told me she was trying to give him milk.  At least she realizes she can't pick him up!!

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Alicia said...

Chuckle chuckle about the kiddos and all the feeding stories. Keep writing those down. They are funny.