Sunday, July 22, 2012

Our Budding Artist

If you're not already aware, Chopper has artistic talent.  He doesn't use it a whole lot because his hands shake, but he's great at drawing pictures for the girls and of course you've seen the pictures of the tree in Megan's room.

I think that Megan has inherited some of her dad's talent.  
Of course I think that all children enjoy art and she's no exception in that category, but it surprises me how good she is for her age -- I don't say that to brag -- sometimes she's better than I am!

Yesterday Chopper took the girls to our stake Pioneer Day celebration, and the one thing that Megan most was looking forward to was getting her face painted.  Well, I guess the line was horribly long and so it didn't happen.  When they got home, Chopper compensated Megan by painting her face (with an angry bird of course) using my craft paints and then Megan wanted to paint our faces.  So Grandma and I let her.

She is actually incredibly careful and precise but quite the perfectionist because she was not happy about the smearing.  I got a yellow angry bird on one cheek:

And something else on the other -- not sure exactly . . . 

Grandma got the whole face done (hooray for her!).  And a good facial afterwards -- just a note, craft acrylics do come off but take a little bit of scrubbing.

I wanted to take a picture of the angry bird she drew but I can't find it.  Honestly, she draws and paints so much and I don't keep hardly any of it.  Does that make me a bad mom?  I did see an idea for taking pictures of all of your kids artwork and then having a separate file for them so you at least have a record of them.  I'll have to do that I think.

Abby is still obsessed with William and gets very upset if you don't let her "see that baby".  She is very sweet with him but we still have to watch her like a hawk because she's not entirely careful or aware of herself in relation to him.  Of course this is the same girl who walks into doors so I didn't really expect any less.  She is constantly hugging and kissing William and doing who knows what.

Like picking his nose?

But he's a fighter and he's already retaliating!!

Kisses that drown him in her mop of hair.

And a sweet sleepy picture.  We all love this boy!!


aidanjordan said...

Oooh! I have seen a great idea for kids art- take pictures of the art, shrink them, and then make a poster that has all of them on there. Not a great explanation, but here's a link:

jencalebh said...

Congrats on the new little one. We're excited for you. What a cutie. Be careful. Caleb wants a boy so he might steal him from you for a few hours. Tell your momma hello and big hugs to everyone.