Sunday, December 2, 2012

Laundry and Santa and glitter -- oh my!!

I've been way to busy lately with church and sewing and organizing and cleaning and the holiday season in general.  But I've also accomplished a lot, which is a good feeling.  Some of the things on that list include:


I got William's stocking done -- they're pretty quick and I found a good place to do the embroidery on short notice so that was nice.  We have 2 empty stocking holders and Chopper says it's my job to fill them.  Maybe in a year or so . . .  

I'm usually very regimented about my laundry -- washed and put away in one day.  I hate it lingering around. This week it did not happen -- it took 3 days to do laundry!  I finally declared war on the pile and the girls helped by beating it into submission . . . 

Abby also helped me with the trash cans -- yes, she got a bath that night.

On Saturday we took some much needed time off and went to our town's holiday parade and festival.  William was not too impressed . . . it was over in about 10 minutes.

But they had the park decorated like Candyland and the girls enjoyed looking at things for awhile and playing on the playscapes. 

They had a Santa of course.  Abby told him she wanted presents for Christmas (that was easy).  Megan refused to even step onto the carpet where Santa's chair was.  I finally got her to whisper Merry Christmas and then we were on our way!

I broke my only rule of childhood and now I'm regretting it.  The rule?  No GLITTER!!!  I hate the stuff.  A few weeks ago we moved Abby into some 3T clothing -- including dresses and Megan was upset that Abby got some "new" dresses and she didn't.  She LOVES skirts and dresses.  And actually, she's due for a few new ones because she's nearly out of the ones she has.  So at Target I saw this adorable dress on sale for the holidays and bought it and gave it to her to wear to church today.  It's awesome, a pretty silver gray with a long poofy skirt that twirls and poofs up when she sits (this is the demonstration) and oh whoops, glittery dots all over the bottom of it.  Our couch, the pew at church, it's all silvery.  Never never again.

But it's darn cute.

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Alicia said...

Just yesterday I had another friend mentioning the cursed glitter problem and how it goes everywhere. Funny!