Sunday, December 16, 2012

Oh the cuteness

Between the business and the plague, I realized I haven't really taken hardly any pictures of the kids or the Christmas season!  So this morning we got a few that turned out really cute of them all in their pajamas.

I have this really bad habit of reading at the table.  I don't generally do it at dinner but I'm pretty notorious at breakfast and lunch.  It's always been an issue.  Abby has picked up on it and started "reading" the newspaper at meals if it's left on the table.  The funniest thing about it is that the paper's upside down . . . 

I tried some pictures in front of the Christmas tree.  Not bad -- but I can't get the red eye out! 

Is this not the sweetest picture you have ever seen in your life??????

And then the girls wanted to hold him for pictures.  The thing about it that makes me laugh is that William is almost as big as they are!  And since he's not exactly sitting on his own (and is heavy), we end up with this:

and this:

No babies were harmed in the making of this blog post, I promise.  And we worked the bugs out eventually.

 Well, mostly!

Side note -- Chopper just told me that when he took Abby to the store yesterday she had a conversation in the cart with the bag of jelly beans she was holding.  Apparently the jelly beans asked her why she was evil and she told them she wasn't.  They said "yes you are" and she said, "yes, I am evil.  Eeee-vil."  Then she kept going "wahaha!"  

Yes we watch too much tv, especially these last few days of plague and crazy.  And yes that included some spy-theme Backyardigans.  Cracks me up -- I wish I had it on film.

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Mandy said...

Love it! Poor Jelly Beans...