Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hooray for being finished!

This week has been absolutely nuts and I have only one picture to liven up the post!

Tuesday night was the Relief Society Christmas party which came off beautifully!  We had dinner and conversation and a wonderful, wonderful musical program.  The best part of my calling is knowing so many sisters and loving them all.  And the Spirit was so strong -- I finally felt Christmas coming.

Wednesday (12/12/12) was William's 5 month birthday!

This little boy is such a treasure!  He is happy and peaceful and smiley and laughs at the simplest things.  The girls love to get him laughing.  Abby lays next to him and just cuddles, until he grabs her hair and then she cries a lot because William is hurting her.  I keep telling her not to get so close but she doesn't listen!!

He's really discovered his hands and I love watching him examine one and curl and uncurl his fingers and then examine the other.  He's very deliberate in trying to figure out what they do and grabs things and plays.  His rolling over is fairly random but he's strong and tries to sit up in his little recliner.  But when I put him in the Bumbo he arches his back!  He's getting ready to move I think.

The past couple of days have been frantic crazy getting ready for the ward Christmas party last night and then I didn't even go because William and I hare horribly sick.  William has a bad cold and is not sleeping well and me?  Well, it's a stomach bug with all it's nastiness.  I am wiped out!  

Yesterday morning though after decorating the church I was on my way home and thought how blessed I have been.  Despite illness, despite being crazy busy, my kids have been incredible.  They are not always great kids but during crunch time this week they have been fantastic!  And now I'm sick on the weekend and I'm so grateful for it because Chopper is home to help and I don't have any obligations left except to get ready for Christmas.


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