Monday, December 10, 2012

Random Fun

The next few days will be CRAZY so I'll update now and then probably this weekend.

Scary boy -- because the red eye corrector gave him weird eye . . . 

We did our gingerbread house last night.  This year not only was it a kit, it was a PRE-ASSEMBLED kit.  Can I tell you how heavenly it was to slap frosting all over the roof and just let the girls go to town?  We will probably do it this way for the next . . . fifteen? years. 

This is Megan's side -- she also did the candy cane spikes on the roof.  She likes dragons right now which I think is her inspiration . .  . 

Abby's side (with some help from Chopper -- who also did the front).  I did the rock foundation.  Wahoo!

Yes, that is snow.  Yes, it was 75 degrees until last night.  No, I am not happy about it.  I have several friends (cough - Jenn - cough - Sara) who keep complaining that it doesn't feel Christmasy or wintery, etc. etc. blah blah blah.  I've come to realize something about myself.  I don't care.  I don't mean that to sound rude but I very much prefer warmer weather to cooler weather and I think that I could live in a climate where there is NO cold weather or snow EVER.  The problem with those areas is that they are usually accompanied by humidity and I don't like that either.  So.  My perfect place is warm, dry (ish, not desert), covered in trees, and some nice mountains off in the distance.  Since I'm pretty positive that it does not exist, I'll just have to bloom where I'm planted!  And love the relative lack of snow!
Oh I forgot to mention that we went out and the girls ate it.  Off the grill.  And the table.  But their immune systems need boosting you know?

I watched some friends of the girls today and I love this picture because it's so typical.  Happy children, smiling, joyful.  And Megan.  Lurking.  In the background.  Grumpy.  I do love that girl. 

The girls were brides today with veils in the castle.  And one prince.  And I don't know what Abby was actually.

And then Aunt Adrienne jumped to the top of the favorites list by sending us a solar powered dancing flower.  And also caused contention in my home.  Ah well.  Everything causes contention in my home these days and it was actually very sweet of her -- it's just another tool to learn how to SHARE!
And I realized that my children are horrible at sharing because I was the only girl and I NEVER had to share so I don't really know how to teach that skill.  My poor girls.  Suffering because of their mother.  And someday their children will suffer because of them.  Gotta love parenting!!


Alicia said...

My kids can't share either. And the contention is at our house too. Ah, wish you were closer so we could chat about it all.

Oh, and I totally agree on living where there is no cold. Loving Memphis winters!

Amanda said...

I'm with you on this "no cold ever again" thing! Unfortunately, it has been snowing here for at least the past week. I do know of the mythical place in which you would like to live... Santa Barbara. We lived there for almost 6 years. It was magic!