Monday, December 24, 2012


I believe we are ready for Christmas!  Well, almost.  We still need to make cookies for Santa tonight and finish our nativity and I have presents to wrap -- but it's here!

We've packed in a few last minute things this past week to feel the Christmas spirit: caroling, lights, hot chocolate, letters FROM Santa!

 A North Texas Christmas isn't complete without going to see the musical lights at Frisco Square!  The songs were better this year (they get rid of that horrible Paul McCartney Christmas thing) and the weather was nice enough to walk around among the lights and music and not just drive through.

This is a terrible picture but so full of joy!

Side note, I love how Megan is white white in this picture, almost to the point of glowing!  Unfortunately, there is no question that she has inherited my pasty skin.  Too bad we don't live in the 1700s -- we would be gorgeous!!

We drank hot chocolate and stirred it up with marshmallows dipped in chocolate and peppermint pieces.  The concept was fantastic but I think it would have worked better if the girls were willing to drink chocolate that wasn't just lukewarm . . .

It's no longer safe!  This is what William does in his baby seat -- especially if he has pajamas with interesting feet (and almost all of them do!).  In the Bumbo, he arches his back and tries to get out.  So we're quickly getting to the point where he has no where to sit.  He just needs to sit up on his own I guess!

A few weeks back we sent letters in the mail to Santa -- no postage, just addressed to the North Pole.  And both girls got letters back!  They were obviously from the same person but the letters were different which I thought was awesome.  Abby was completely mesmerized and enthralled -- she hugged that thing and carried it around with her.  Megan was Megan and decided that she didn't care because mommy was so excited about it.  Maybe I should have refused to give her the letter and then she would have wanted it . . . 

And some super cute videos of William and the fun things that he's doing right now.  And that's it!  We're ready for Santa, ready for Christmas!

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Alicia said...

Merry Christmas! I love the video where William is sucking on his tongue. Who needs a pacifier?