Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A White Christmas?!?!?!

I can't believe it.
You know, practically the entire month of December we've hovered around 60 to 70 degrees and I, for one, have completely loved it!  I like snow and cold -- in very very VERY small doses.
Last night around 2 a.m. the thunder and lightening start.  And then the rain.  We got a little hail too and I joked that that was our Texas white Christmas.  And then we got this:
It's 4:30 p.m. and we have even more accumulation now and even though it's slowed down some, it's still coming!  Merry Christmas!!

But that's not the only thing that has made this Christmas wonderful.  Even though this year we have no extended family with us, I have felt very connected to my family all day (awwww, sniff) and it's just been a great overall day.

The girls woke at 6:30 and came into our room completely excited about Santa having left presents.  Then it was deja vu -- on the flip side -- as Chopper and I got ready and the girls kept bringing in presents and were obviously antsy for us to get started.  I distinctly remember how LONG it took my parents to get everything together in the morning.  Yeesh!  Darn parents!

Finally, it's time.  Abby goes first this year and she's tearing into the paper excited to see what it is and she unwraps the present upside-down and sees the box and, I'm not kidding here, says (excited voice): "It's a box!!!"  Funny because my father says that EVERY YEAR!  It's become one of those standing jokes about Christmas and today's event has now made me a believer in cell memory!  I knew there was a reason Abby liked Grandpa best -- she has most of his cells!
When it was Megan's turn she kind've got grumpy and just started picking at the paper on the present.  Seriously?  She'd been so excited and now this!  Then she got a glimpse of a fairy under that paper and gets this big smile and starts tearing that paper off like there's no tomorrow.  Periwinkle saved Christmas and brought us a happy girl!

The rest of the morning was the usual and we've spent the day watching new movies (Brave -- really really cute!), playing with toys, eating fun foods, and watching the snow come down!
The girls loved Brave.  I love the way that Megan's sitting . . . 

I FINALLY get to show this!  My brother Jeff actually requested a quilt for Christmas and I am very proud of this one.  I've never completed a quilt so fast in my life because I wanted to sent it back with my dad when he was here after Thanksgiving but I didn't dare blog about it because Jeff actually reads my blog!  It's a herringbone pattern on the front and then this, very modern, color-blocked chevron on the back:

 Yes, the bottom end is jagged.  It's the first time I've done a quilt like that and binding it was HARD!  Lesson learned -- if it's not going to be a straight edge, use bias binding!  But it turned out great, he likes it, and I've named it pirate pants as a reference to the pajama pants he wore every day of his life in high school (cut off ends and all!).

I also made Chopper a rag quilt with denim on one side and flannel on the other.  I probably will never do that again -- denim is hard and heavy to work with and I thought I was going to kill my machine.  But I managed to get it done and keep it a secret!

I think the best Christmas present was a set of DVD's that my parents sent us -- all their home videos from about 1987.  It was fun to show the girls what I looked like as a girl (ugh, the 80s) and fun to watch how we treated each other.  Let's just say my kids are about normal!  And that makes me feel better!!

I can't believe it's here -- this year has gone by soooo fast.  It's been a fantastic day (still not quite over!) and I'm grateful to have my family to celebrate with!
Merry Christmas!!

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