Saturday, December 8, 2012

10 Years!

Look how young we were!!!  Ten years ago yesterday we married . . . 

And here we are today -- or rather, yesterday.  The hats.  I know but the "traditional" gift for 10 years is aluminum or tin.  Who comes up with these things?  So we thought we'd be funny.  Haha.

No trips or dinner out even (it's still hard to leave William) but we've been celebrating for the last ten days.  Or at least I have.  I wanted to do something special so Chopper's been getting a gift every day for the last ten days with a letter attached about memories from the last decade or things I love about him, etc.  Nothing really big -- of course the requisite case of Dr. Pepper and we did go on a late date last weekend (because I have an amazing friend who came and stayed with the kids while they were asleep -- is it wrong of me not to quite trust our teenagers with my 4 month old????) and some fun things in between.

Chopper really liked it but for his part went a little more . . . traditional . . . and bought me jewelry for our anniversary!  OH my!!!  Nothing over the top but definitely things that will not be worn until the children stop pulling at everything in sight.  And he found a tablet for a really good price so I think that's Happy Anniversary to both of us!  Poor guy, he's still got Christmas and my birthday to think of . . . 

We never in a million years thought we would go where we've been and do what we've done.  But then I suppose that most marriages kind've end up that way.  But I'm grateful for everything that we've endured and celebrated.  I'm grateful to have a husband who is kind, selfless, goofy, intelligent, and loving.  I'm excited for the future and very happy with our past and present.  Here's to 50 more years!!

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Alicia said...

Congrats you guys. I like the hat idea. I may have to steal it when the time comes.