Monday, November 26, 2012

Voice Lessons

I am very grateful to be a family that doesn't swear.  Abby is repeating so much of what I say these days and it can be so funny.  Most of the time.  She's taken to using the phrase "you're driving me nuts" and today as I was hanging ornaments she said to me, "mommy look at you go!".  So you can imagine what she would pick up were our language not so . . . clean.

But what else can I expect?  After all, they are with me 24/7 and they do have talking genes -- both from the Whittacres and from myself.  William is already proving to be quite the talker himself and when Megan's not talking she's singing.  Her singing reminds me a little bit of what's-his-name in Elf: made up words and pretty much off key.  But I love hearing it and listening to what she creates.  She may never be a vocalist but I think a composer is still a possibility!

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