Thursday, November 1, 2012

All Treats!!

Halloween ended up really being all about the treats this year!

Our first treat was that my brother and his wife were able to spend Halloween with us!  They're in the middle of their drive moving from the west coast to the east coast and took a breather for the day.  We had a fantastic time and decided they probably needed some walking . . . can you guess where we went?

Arboretum!  Good guess! 
 The advantage of being little is that Abby still gets shoulder rides from uncle Mark.

 Somehow we have missed this sculpture every time we've been there and I really think it's my favorite -- it's also in the middle of my favorite place: The Poetry Garden (we like to call it the Secret Garden).

 Awww, sisters.  In reality, Megan is actually being controlling and bringing Abby back to us, not holding her hand out of sisterly love.  But it looks so promising!

 For some reason in this picture Abby looks EXACTLY like Chopper to me!

The girls practiced their sniper cover skills in the hay.  Do you see Megan?  Neither did the little girl standing there . . . 


Afterwards it was home for dinner -- pulled pork and coleslaw, octopus dogs for the girls and root beer.  Nice root beer.  That Abby loves.  
I love this picture and I swear it's root beer!  Plus it's empty because it's really good root beer and so she's not getting that much!  Megan was giving Chopper lots of kisses.  

At the last minute Abby decided she wanted to be a butterfly.  Thank goodness we have wings and pipe cleaners for antenna.  She was cute!

Chopper painted their faces -- cheap Halloween paint from Walmart is not nearly as nice as professional face paint by the way.  I should have bought the face paint crayons -- this was pretty thick and goopy.

Aunt Adri applied glitter . . . 

 And they were ready to go!!

Mark and Adri and Chopper all went trick or treating and I stayed behind to hand out candy.  I think I must've gotten the better end of the deal since we only had our doorbell rung maybe 5 times -- where was everyone?  But the girls didn't suffer.  They had plenty of treats in their bucket.  Chopper and I are enjoying that!  Happy Halloween!!

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Alicia said...

Ha ha ha! I loved the picture of Megan hiding the hay. SO funny. Did she scare the crud out of that little girl? I'm still laughing!