Tuesday, November 13, 2012

4 Months!

Happy boy!  Happy, chunky, short-limbed, small-headed boy!  And the results are:
Weight -- 16 pounds, 9 ounces (81%)
Length -- 25 inches (54%)
Head -- 41 centimeters (19%)

William has really gotten good at grabbing things this month.  He's constantly reaching and tackling the hanging toys in his gym and grabbing onto his blankets and burp cloths and shoving them in his mouth.  He still DOES NOT suck a thumb or finger but he does like to gnaw his fist or anything cloth that happens to be near his face.  When he's on his back he's rolling onto his side and back again and shimmying himself around a little bit.  He's super ticklish under his arms and loves to smile.  Megan still treats him very well except today she was popping out at him and making some kind of growly noise and it scared him to the point where he started to cry.  Megan sent herself to her room.  Abby same old same old so he doesn't smile so much when she's around.

Megan went a little overboard and covered him with toys the other day . . .  

When he falls asleep in your arms he puts his hand over his face.  It's the cutest thing and he just looks so sweet!  Then when he's in his crib he's still doing the flat on his back, arms thrown up like a touchdown pose.

Red cheeked because he's running a mild fever after shots today but still happy!

He will eat it eventually!!

Just like I did with the girls, I'm waiting until 6 months to introduce him to food.  He's not suffering from only having breast milk, that's for sure!  But we're going to start him on oats and fruits and vegetables since we still seem to be having some issues with dairy and gluten.  Although I think those issues have improved a little bit so I'm hopeful that he'll grow out of them.

Oh and Megan was the first in her class to be able to bring home Skippyjon Jones and his book this week.  We enjoyed having a visitor from preschool!

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