Wednesday, November 21, 2012

When it all goes haywire

It's after 10 p.m. so honestly I should either be quilting or in bed but I figured I would kind've update before doing our thankful post tomorrow.  That will be a fun one but more on that later right?

Anyway, things have been haywire around here.  I have 2 weeks (well less than now) to make a quilt for my brother for Christmas (per his request) so I can send it home with my dad rather than shipping it (hello saving money!) and all the usual chaos that goes with 3 children, my calling, and the holiday season.  Unfortunately I am feeling very stressed by everything and would rather have a quiet holiday.  But apparently the Relief Society gets to be in charge of all holiday related events on a stake AND a ward level.  Sheesh.

Then on Saturday I was baking massive amounts of mini loaves of pumpkin bread to take to sisters and the oven dies.  No drama though -- just a slow death that resulted in several half-baked loaves.  Chopper starts searching the internet for cause of death when the computer is hit by some awful virus that's also trying to extort money ($200 or we won't release your computer!!!).  Fortunately I have an awesome friend whose oven works and who is home for the holidays!!  Hooray!!!  I was over there again tonight for a few hours doing our pies (gluten and dairy free -- I will eat pie on Thanksgiving!) and rolls (not gluten and dairy free so every time I want a roll, I will eat pie).

Chopper is amazing and pulled 8th grade computer class out of his head and destroyed the virus through DOS and while he tried to use his magical powers on the oven, no go.

In the meantime, we relieve stress by:

playing lots of dress-up

getting our pictures for the Gasser family calendar taken care of (this is our Flowbie parody)

practicing our tummy time

taking more flowbie pictures

visiting the Arboretum and having faces painted like cats and dogs and then crawling around in the mud because we are cats and dogs and then fighting like cats and dogs on the way home . . .

and drawing pictures -- the middle one is me when I'm angry.  I've had a short fuse this week.

I think this comes off as a pretty negative post but we are thankful around here (and we have some great stories about that for tomorrow) and I'm excited about tomorrow and the girls are REALLY excited about pie.  Chopper's excited to be smoking a turkey.  And it's 80 degrees.  I love Texas in the fall / winter.

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Alicia said...

I am thankful for your blog posts that make me smile. The flowbie pictures made me laugh and the comments about the oven and computer were hilarious. Sorry about the trials. If the RS wasn't in charge of all the parties it wouldn't get done. Bummer for the RS leaders though!