Thursday, November 22, 2012


We had a really nice, small Thanksgiving today.  All month we've been sharing one thing each that we're thankful for at dinner every night and we've collected quite the tree of gratitude.  And I wanted to write it all down here because it really was so much fun and many of the things that we have been grateful for each night have been inspired by the events of the day.  But I'm not going to put down who said what -- unless there's a specific reason.  Ready?  This month we have been grateful for:

pancakes -- Granny and daddy -- good books -- treats -- teachers -- the Spirit -- 8th grade computer class -- rainbows -- a loving husband and father -- puppies -- the thankful tree -- dragonflies and chairs and chicken and plates (that would be Abby) -- a happy home -- water -- making it through another day -- friends -- kids -- healthy children -- girls' night out (that was a bad day for me) -- learning from experience -- kissing the baby (Megan) -- friends (all the friends ones are me, I've really been leaning on them lately) -- preschool (Megan) -- friends (actually one from Abby) -- dragons -- ice cream -- Grandpa Whittacre -- $5.00 pizza -- the right to vote -- the scriptures and the music and the lights (Abby again, she has the rambling ones) -- people who are willing to serve -- other people's ovens -- Family Home Evening -- Veteran's Day -- pictures to send to family -- playing outside in the backyard -- playing at the park -- pencils -- reliable cars -- a washing machine and dryer -- internet -- being able to connect with others -- clouds -- dresses -- the spirit of childhood -- the baby -- the baby (again) -- the families and the butterflies and the puppies (guess who?) -- reading the scriptures (Megan!!) -- William -- elegance (I am not kidding -- this was Megan and I looked at her and said "elephants"?  She says no elegance so I asked her what that means and she told me "it's something fancy".  Ok!) -- stars -- our church building -- hugs and kisses (Megan of all people) -- good employment -- being able to serve -- Dallas in the fall -- grocery stores -- (and the grand finale!) BUTTERFLIES!!!

The reason the butterflies get the grand finale is that Abby said it EVERY NIGHT and we had to prompt her to add something else to be thankful for.  Sometimes we got one more thing and sometimes she rambled on and on (see above).  But without fail the first thing out of her mouth was always butterflies.

In true Texas style, Chopper smoked a turkey!  This is before:

And after: 
It was soooooo good -- moist and juicy with a light smoky flavor and I might just have to go for seconds after the girls are in bed.

And of course all the turkey day goodness.  I did make a dairy free, gluten free pumpkin pie that was really good and the apple pie was just ok . . . again.  I just can't do apple so I'm officially throwing in the towel and letting Chopper buy one from the store here on out!

But it was a delicious, relaxed day -- perfect mid-70's weather for the girls to play outside -- and now the Christmas tree is going up.  Hooray!

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