Thursday, April 5, 2012

Texas Bluebonnets

The bluebonnet is the state flower and it's a big deal around here in the spring.  People search out the fields (they're wild but I don't know if they're "planted" or if they just happen) and take pictures galore.  The kids get all dressed up in complimentary or coordinating colors and I have seen some really beautiful pictures in these fields of bluebonnets.

A friend of mine told me about a field up the road and then at dance class today several women were commenting on how overrun the bluebonnet fields are on the weekends so after Abby's nap I packed the girls up and we went off to see if we could find it.  And we did!
 We got out of the car and the girls took off -- they love being able to run and explore and not only were there bluebonnets, there were also some little yellow flower and quite a few butterflies.  And it smelled so good!  I have to wonder if they're related to the hyacinth because they smelled like that, but not quite as strong.  But with a field full, you could smell them on the air!

 See this picture?  Know why Abby is looking at the ground?  Me neither until I take the picture and she turns to me and says "mom, ants.  They hurt."  Remember we've had a run-in with them before and lucky her, she got them again.  Fortunately it was mostly her feet and they didn't get very far but after frantically brushing and searching and slapping (because they DO NOT come off), I think we got them all but then she wanted to be carried the whole time.  Not that I blame her.

 Megan was fine though so we continued up the hill and down and enjoyed the scenery and the butterflies for a little while longer.

 I tried to put Abby down at one point and get her picture and this is what I got -- an upset little girl desperate to get back to her mommy and be safe off the ground!  My poor sweetie!

Up close they do look a little like a hyacinth too.  They were pretty but honestly I don't know if they're worth taking the girls back in cute dresses and trying to get nice pictures.  The thought of them ending up covered in ants is too icky.

When we got home I put some calamine lotion on Abby's feet where the bites have swelled and Megan insisted that she had been bitten as well and needed medicine.  Now that would've been really bad if she had -- I would've had to haul BOTH girls down that hill back to the car!  Plus this 20 pound baby.  Yeah, probably won't be going back anytime soon.  Maybe with Grandma.  Maybe.

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