Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Is it me?

Well day 2 of Megan's psychological evaluation and testing has come and gone and I have very mixed feelings. Now, granted, Chopper and I have not yet met with the doctor to go over test results, observations, etc.  But I distinctly drove away this morning wondering if it's just me and if we're wasting all of this money.  Why?  Because the doctor is absolutely enamored of Megan and how sweet and funny she is.  And she is!  But she's not showing any of this anger and defiant behavior that I have been so at my wit's end about.  Have I been jumping the gun trying to see specialists?  Perhaps there's a far easier -- and cheaper -- solution out there.  Maybe it's me being tired and lazy and overworked and underpaid.  Haha.  Underpaid.  I suppose I'm not really underpaid.  After all, Chopper gives in to my every fabric whim and I (sometimes) let him have his Dr. Pepper.

Abby and I went to HalfPrice Books today while we were waiting for Megan and I browsed through the parenting section looking for a specific book that I want (and they didn't have).  There are so many books out there on a variety of parenting subjects and I thought yet again about how people raised children before this age of available "help".  Either things were not as complex then or we make them too complex now.  Maybe that's what I'm doing.  Or it's something in between because I'm leaning that in this role as parent seems to have no definite answers.  Kinda wish there were though.

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