Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dallas Heritage Village

After living on the east coast where buildings can be as old as the 1700s, it's sometimes funny to visit a place where the oldest building dates back to the Civil War.  But today, as our final trip while Grandma is here, that's what we did.  We went to the Dallas Heritage Village downtown  and toured their collection of buildings that range from the Civil War to about the 1920s (ish).

My pictures are terrible because it was a very bright day and a point and shoot can't really adjust for that but then there wasn't a lot that was notable anyway.  The girls were ok, although that's probably to be expected given that we were touring old homes where everything is display only.  Mom and I enjoy that sort of thing and I suppose the only thing that saved us from disaster was that we were outside in between houses.  Still, it was pretty tiring.

 Abby, Megan, and Grandma peeking out of the cutouts of the gazebo.

 Yes I had to take a picture of the building mural advertising Dr. Pepper.  What kind of wife would I be if I didn't??????

I do love Victorian homes.  

There were a ton of school kids running around too.  But it wasn't so crowded that it was unbearable -- and they looked like they were doing scavenger hunt type things so the village itself is probably just more appropriate for older children.  But we had a nice time.

What was really nice was the quick trip to IKEA on the way home where Megan played in their (supervised) play area and Abby slept in the stroller the entire time and so mom and I did some shopping in complete wandering peace and quiet.  And then a trip for frozen custard at Double Dip.  So it was a nice but very full day.  And now mom goes back to Michigan.  I know how I feel about that but dad already told me she wasn't allowed to stay longer so I guess I won't whine too much!!!!

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