Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend = Family Time

Every weekend in April is just swamped so we took advantage of Easter weekend and spent some fun quality time together. 

On Saturday we finally made it to the Dallas World Aquarium downtown.  It was a little bit of a surprise.  It's not the best aquarium ever but it has animals too!  Each part of the museum (?) is a different theme -- jungle, with exotic birds, monkeys, a sloth, aquarium, Mayan world, bugs (ewwwwww), penguins, etc.  It was fun -- small enough though and not busy at all so the girls walked (or ran) everywhere and had a lot of fun.

 Chopper took a lot of pictures of animals which I didn't feel the need to post but I had to post these -- can you imagine the dinner you would get out of this?????

This is actually really cool.  They had a blacklight area with the jelly fish and then these weird little fish.  The glowing part?  That's their eyes!  I'd never seen these before!  And they're kind've alien looking . . .

When we got home the Easter bunny had come to visit and left baskets of goodies and fun things.  Like really weird butterfly glasses . . . 

and chocolate bunnies.  Abby can say the word chocolate really well.  In fact, she found Chopper's stash in his backpack this morning and was very excited to tell me all about the "chocolate in my mouth!!"

 I can't remember why Megan was making this face but her mouth is full of sugary goodness.

After nap (and yes, Abby actually took one) and a lot of yard work (oh the battle of the crab grass) we dyed Easter eggs.
 Waiting for the dye to set -- the girls were not that patient so we ended up giving Abby the blue dye because they were in and out so quick.  Big mistake.  Abby ended up pretty blue herself.

 The fruits of our labors!!

Grandma Whittacre sent us an awesome box with lots of adorable boy clothes (ok Danny and Denise, I admit, they're not all boring!) and matching dresses that the girls wore to church on Sunday.  Chopper neglected to take a picture before church (probably not his fault because he did get them ready and to church on time by himself -- he's wonderful!) but after church the girls were NOT complying.  Megan was just being contrary.

And Abby was out cold.  Even though we've switched her back to her own room, she's still in her own bed and has been fighting bedtime hard every night.  Add that to no nap because church is 1 pm to 4 pm and she's out in 10 seconds in the car and we have to wake her up for dinner and keep her awake so she'll go to bed at night.
 But they were adorable and very poofy and we got lots of compliments on their outfits (not that that's what church is about of course . . . ).

Today Megan wanted me to take pictures of her dancing.  I misunderstood, she actually wanted me to take video but was content with the few I took because I was in the middle of making dinner.  She's a funny girl.  So here she is dancing.  I'm so confused about why she fights me about going to actual dance class.

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