Saturday, April 7, 2012

So Much For That

It's been a week since we moved Megan and Abby into the same room and I was so excited.  Partly I was excited to "finish" Megan's room with Abby's bed, quilt, butterflies, etc.   And I have done most of that (I'm still waiting for the quilt to come back and I need to finish the wall art).  I was also excited to transform the other room into a little boy room and I've been working on several projects for the little man on his way.

But alas.

It's been a rough week.  The playing, the constant getting out of bed, the early rising were all things that I expected and got.  Abby has loved the freedom of being able to get out of bed and the only thing that kept her in the room was a baby gate across the door.  Megan has been back and forth on it.  I think that she liked having Abby to play with at night but she did tell me once early on, "mommy, I'm tired of this."  And when I asked her what she was tired of she said "I'm tired of Abby in here".  When she's ready to go to sleep, she wants things the way they should be for her.

Unfortunately, we've had some violence.  I don't know how intentional it is -- I think a good part of it starts off as playing.  The problem is that Megan doesn't stop when Abby cries or even when Chopper and I tell her no.  We have to remove her entirely from the situation.  That's true during the day at least.  So I've caught her twice at night with Abby crying pretty bad -- once because she was pushing her into the bed -- potentially smothering her, and the second because she was pulling repeatedly on a necklace around her neck.  I'm fairly sure there's been a fair amount of hitting and kicking too.  And Megan will NOT stay out of Abby's bed.

So last night, after the necklace incident, I put Abby back in her crib.  They were both out within about 10 minutes.  And today, I dismantled her crib and we moved her twin bed back into the other bedroom.  She'll still have a bed but no roommate.  The baby can share with us for a while and when we're ready for him to move out of our room we'll rethink things then.  Maybe Abby and the baby will share for a while.  I don't know.  We'll see what happens!  But that's the scoop.

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