Sunday, April 29, 2012

Goodly Children

Today was our stake conference: 2 hours of sitting in the pew at church without Chopper -- he's at Woodbadge training until tonight.  It wasn't horrible, but I only heard enough of the talks to know that I wanted to hear the rest!

One phrase that particularly stood out in my mind was by a speaker who started out, "it's easy to be a goodly parent when you have goodly children."  I have no idea what the rest of the talk was about but it did get me thinking about my children and how hard things have been lately.  And I do have a lot of guilt about needing to be a better parent.  I'm sure that there are ways in which I need to drastically improve or even improve a little bit, but there are ways in which I'm doing well.  I also suppose that I need to focus more on the positive side of my children and take note of the wonderful things that they do and are.

So on that note, here's 2 videos showing that they are sweet and wonderful girls.  The first is a conversation that I had with Megan that she actually let me record!  She's playing with some fabric squares and calling them super capes (they are the perfect size to be super capes for some of her smaller stuffed animals).  About halfway through I realized how fun and cute these conversations are (at least to me) and that I wanted to get some of it on camera to remind myself what a joy it can be to talk to her when we're both calm and happy!

The second video is Megan "painting" Abby's face.  I've mentioned this before but she's on a kick right now of face painting to make us look like different animals but it's also one example of what wonderful sisters they can be to each other.  Despite the fact that Abby is often tortured by Megan, they have enough of these sweet interactions to be building sisterly bonds already.  We've gone a few places in the past few weeks just Abby and I and she constantly says to me "where's my Megan?  I want Megan!" so I know she loves her.

We finally got out the pool -- it certainly has been hot enough lately -- mid-80s!  I'm hoping that this doesn't mean another horribly hot summer because I'm about at my limit.  But the girls are definitely enjoying it!

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