Thursday, September 13, 2012

Just Another Day

Crazy day.
Crazy because this little man is 2 months old!!
And he is being true to our family tradition and desperately trying to get that thumb!  Looks good right?  Until you see it from the other side.

Nope. Not quite there.  But he is persistent!  

So at 2 months old, William is all over the map --
13 lbs. 8.5 oz. (88%)
23.25 inches long (63%)
head circumference 38.25 centimeters (15%)

So he's average height but a little bit chubby (or a lot chubby!) with a small head.  My doctor assures me though that the small head is not an issue since his skull is more long than wide.  Apparently there are still brains in there!!  I'm not worried.

I mentioned yesterday that we have managed to avoid more near-fatal accidents with Abby.  My mom tells me that Abby is a normal 2 1/2 year old, that it was Megan being ABNORMALLY cautious and careful and immobile that makes this experience in raising Abby so hair-raising for me!

Anyway, Abby was pushing on my full-length mirror the other day just as I walked into my room with William in my arms (of course).  And it starts to tip.  And I can't get there in time.  It actually hit the edge of the bed and so there were two miracles that day -- first that it only knocked her over and didn't flatten her like a pancake and second that it didn't shatter when it hit the footboard and slice her to smithereens.

There is no doubt in my mind that we are being watched over.

When she's not involved in near-fatal accidents, Abby is climbing onto things, into things, dumping things out, running away, and making constant noise.  Her favorite location to be quiet in (which is rare) is William's swing:

 I don't think she'll actually break it since she only weighs 25 pounds but I don't dare leave William unsupervised in it if she's on the loose!

Occasionally I attempt something constructive.  This is painting cherry blossoms using the bottoms of soda bottles as "stamps".  It went really well except for my idiocy.  Never use actual house paint when toddlers are involved.  Every time I mop I go crazy over the pink spots until I realize they are paint and not jam or juice or something equally removable. 

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