Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fabric Therapy

Maybe I should call it an addiction.
It used to be my dream to have a long arm quilting machine and have a side business where I quilt all the time.  Now it's my dream to have a quilt shop where I can stock all of the fabrics that I love so much.

I follow a number of quilting blogs (and would love to start my own I think) and saw this contest for creating a fabric mosaic on the "title" Softly Against Black.  
The only thing better than sifting through fabrics on the web is sifting through fabrics in person.  So this is my palette:

I always need to practice color combinations more and I think I like it.  At least, I love all the fabrics individually.  And it was good therapy for me although we have managed to have at least one day without a near fatal accident for Abby (more on that later).

Fabric therapy keeps me sane.

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Amy DeCesare said...

This would look so great against black!