Sunday, September 23, 2012


Today has been a wonderful day for chatter.

It was our annual Ward Primary Program and MEGAN PARTICIPATED!!!  This is a small miracle.  But they practiced 2 Sundays and then again yesterday so I think that that had something to do with easing her anxiety.  She sang the songs, she said her part (not loudly at all but she said it!) and then her friend Sammy started crying and she started crying and she sat the rest of the time with us.  But she was fantastic.

Abby, surprisingly, was fairly quiet in church today.  But her shining moments were to say (loudly -- she only has one volume), "I love the bread!" during the sacrament and then after the Primary program was over, "Hooray!  It's all done!"  But she does love going to nursery . . . 

William up until today has been out cold for pretty much all of church.  Not today!  He was awake for the entire program and then slept until Relief Society when he woke up again and talked and smiled at my friend next to me.  When we got home, we got some on video:

We have wonderful children!!

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jencalebh said...

I have to say that a) your little boy is so adorable that I want one now and b) the "I love the bread" comment is probably the funniest thing I've heard in a month.