Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chihuly at the Arboretum

And you thought you were safe. 
But after letting our membership at the Dallas Arboretum lapse for a few months, I couldn't resist anymore!  So Saturday we took a much needed family trip to the Arboretum and, quite frankly, it's worth it to get the membership because we know we'll want to go back.  

So the days of long posts with dozens of pictures of flowers and pumpkins and children (oh my!) are back!
Bwahahahaha (evil laugh)!!!!
The pumpkins aren't quite out yet but they've had a glass art exhibit by Dale Chihuly and it was interesting and beautiful in some ways.  Some of them were just weird though.  We hadn't seen it yet and the girls really liked finding the different sculptures throughout the garden.  Apparently, if you go at night, they light up and are really amazing.
 This sculpture was called Mexican hats and horns.

I thought this was one of the weird ones.

Megan's just getting better at smiling for the camera.  She's more willing anyway -- now we've got Abby who won't.

This sculpture seemed to be put together like a Christmas tree.  I can't imagine the damage that could occur if we had a hail storm or a tornado.

 These were set in a stream alongside one of the walking paths and then they did this mist thing that freaked Megan out when it started.  Then the girls were worried that it was smoke -- we've been talking about fire and smoke lately at home -- so for a while they didn't want to get too close.

Abby's nose perpetually looks like it's bleeding right now.  She took a pretty good splat onto her face the other day when we were taking a walk.  It looks pretty bad up close.

 I think this one was my favorite.

 Now that's a more typical picture.

Nope -- not glass.  But you had to get at least one cool flower picture!


Ok I love this picture because the first thing I think of when I see it is Lord of the Rings and Sauron's eye -- the blue and white sphere in the background is what gets me.

See?  He's watching us . . .

 Monet's lily pond.

I do believe that the arboretum is our favorite place in Dallas!!!

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