Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

I love my dad dearly and am so grateful to have him as my father but I think it's even better to watch my husband be a great father to our girls. I know that they won't remember a lot of the things that he does with them now, but I remember them and I think they are lucky, lucky girls!
We tried to get a nice picture with all three of them but Megan has been too distracted with her new hand-me-down vanity play set. I don't think I'm going to be able to hide this one until Christmas since she was here when our friends brought it over and went to it like moth to flame! Oh well, we got some good pictures with Abby, my smiley baby!

There was this great idea for brownies decorated like BBQ grills in the June/July issue of Family Fun Magazine. If you want to see their version, it's here: Of course I HAD to make them for Chopper since he loves to grill and we're not allowed to in this apartment complex. But I made them with chocolate cupcakes instead of brownies and I did hamburgers (sliced up Tootsie Rolls) and hotdogs instead of kebabs and pork chops. They turned out really cute and really good -- I think Megan has eaten half of them!!
Even though Megan is still a little too young for a lot of things that are in that magazine, it is fabulous and I love getting it. I'm just storing up most of the ideas for later!

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