Saturday, June 19, 2010

Falling Behind

We've been preoccupied lately with searching for places to live in Dallas. Dallas is a big place! And it's hard to find good information on schools and whether or not places are decent for young families. We'll probably just have to do a lot on the ground there.

So anyway, Chopper went out this past week and metal-detected his parents yard. They live in a Civil War battlefield and he was hoping to find maybe some belt buckles or things like that but he did get in a good haul of bullets. Sorry the pictures are bad, I don't have camera skills . . .
This one he says was never shot due to the condition it's in. These bullets are pretty big and really heavy. I cannot imagine being on the receiving end of one of these!

Abby is talking up a storm! She's also growing like a weed and is nearly as big as a few 8 month old babies in our ward -- of course those babies comes from small people families so that might be part of it but she is getting wonderfully chunky and is so adorable! She has the cutest pouty-lip ever. She doesn't use it often but when she does I just have to smile.

Megan is so imaginative. It's funny though because for the most part she's playing all the games I played but with animals instead of Barbies or dolls. So she puts them to bed and talks to them and they eat food -- all that good stuff. The other day I asked her what they were doing and she said "she's changing her diaper". All of her animals or characters are female by pronoun. She loves to use fabric or napkins and wrap things up and make them cozy or give them "hats". I love just watching her play and hearing the things she comes up with.

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