Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Officially Intelligent!!!!

It's been 2 years.  And according to Chopper they've been painful, long years.  I don't know though, I don't think he suffered too much . . . 

It's actually been official for a few weeks but we wanted to wait to announce until it came in the mail:

Yes finally!  Chopper has a Master's Degree in INTELLIGENCE.  Yes that's an actual subject of study and no it doesn't mean that he can spell any better.  It does mean that he could work for anyone who needs a smart employee though. 

All joking aside, I am very very proud of him.  This is a man who, when we married, had no college education whatsoever (which is not necessarily a bad thing, I don't mean to sound derogatory) and has been working hard these last ten years to get the education that he needs to advance in his career and provide for us in a way that makes him happy.  That's a pretty big deal!!

So we made him his favorite, chocolate chip cookies, to celebrate!!

And these are just funny pictures of the girls after they stamped their faces with the stamps my Aunt Laura sent them.  Thank goodness they wash right off.  Megan is particularly endearing here though -- these are "Gasser" faces she's pulling.  They have an uncanny resemblance to my brother Jeff's graduation photo -- minus the blacked out tooth.  But that's another story.

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