Thursday, August 2, 2012

How Many is Enough?

I'm a little obsessed with how many children people have and why.  Not that I am judgmental about it (I certainly hope not!), but I ask myself more and more (and everyone else I know): when are you done?  How many is enough?

It's come up a lot this pregnancy because of William being a boy and many people seem to think that now that we have both boy and girls, we're done.  And probably on average we are -- 3 kids is the average right?  But I don't know.  Some days I think there's one more.  And some days -- like the past few -- I'm totally done.

I've got 2 in bed and Grandma's gone and I'm working on bills and stuff and Megan runs into the office half naked screaming.  Turns out she put too many wipes into the toilet and flooded the bathroom.  Great.  Now not only do I need to use every towel I own to soak up toilet water, but then I need to clean the toilet and mop the floor and guess who needs to go to the bathroom right in the middle of it?  Well, it wasn't me.  Thank goodness the other 2 are sleeping -- tender mercies right?

Megan's entire pooping issue has been incredibly defeating for me.  People ask me if Abby is potty-trained yet and she's definitely interested but I only have enough energy and patience to deal with constant poop issues from one child right now.  She's 4 and 1/2 years old, signed up for preschool in the fall and is still afraid of the toilet (the flushing -- especially after today) and not fully trained.  It's a gross mess and I hate it more than anything -- I hate poop.

Sorry -- I just needed to vent and now the little one is crying.  Well there goes my quiet time.


Alicia said...

Hang in there! This too shall pass. I heard once that everything in childhood is a phase. Just repeat the mantra, "This is only a phase." You can do this!

Josh went to Best Buy last night and we watched the Olympics till almost midnight. Shame on us!

aidanjordan said...

Oh, I am sorry. It WILL get better. Preschool might do Megan wonders when she sees that other kids go and aren't afraid of the toilet.

I have been getting that question a lot too, especially since we are having another girl and people want to know if we are going to try one more time for a boy. I just tell them, "If we do try one more time, it won't be for a boy or girl- it will be for a healthy baby. And we take our babies one at a time, so I am not going to plan ahead for another child when I haven't even given birth to this one yet". (By the way, my mom had 9 kids- she always told us they stopped when the Lord said it was time to stop.)