Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I have 13 minutes to tell you about my day and then I am going to bed!  Ready?

I took a 4 year old, a 2 year old, and a 6 weeker to the zoo today.  Crazy!!  My good friend Jenn invited me along so she was there of course and her 8-year old son is the BEST kid ever and lifted Abby to see animals and helped keep an eye on her.  It was fabulous!

William slept pretty much the entire time -- oh except for that part where I fed him, sat him up to be burped, and he immediately threw up.  Not spit up -- projectile vomit milk.  Fortunately, due to the forceful nature of this projectile we both remained dry.  The car seat sitting at my feet did not.  And it's in the wash as we speak.

Megan's favorite part was the zoo map (I'm not kidding).  Abby really did love the animals.  William loved his sleep.  I loved the weather (upper 80s, maybe 90 or 92 by the time we left) and getting out of the house!

And, as Grandma requested: PICTURES GALORE!!
 Dressed for church.

 Abby loves William AND all his stuff.

 His thinking pose.  This is a few days ago -- tonight he was a screaming banshee for about an hour and half -- and that's not this cute.

 At the zoo for the first time and he didn't see a thing!  Look at those cheeks though!

 Flamingos!  Apparently you have the Chilean flamingo and the Lesser flamingo -- I wonder how they feel about that?

 All the kids minus the babies -- mine and Jenn's (who's actually not a baby anymore).  I actually love that this is a terrible picture!  I particularly love that Megan has her arms crossed in defiance.

And then there's this about 15 seconds later.  I'm not kidding.  You can kind've tell that we're still on the train.  And she's such a doll when she smiles!

 Abby loved this bear -- I think it was sizing her up for lunch.

My ADORABLE, but not so little man.  I took dinner to a friend tonight who just had her baby Sunday.  The baby weighs 6 lbs. 10 oz. right now which isn't a whole lot smaller than William when he was born but he's probably double her size.  Grandma I hope you can see the fat rolls on those legs!

It turned out to be a great day, but I think we'll probably stay home tomorrow!!

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Alicia said...

Stay home and stay in pajamas to recover from the zoo. I almost thought the crocodile was real for just one second. William looks like Abby I think.