Monday, August 27, 2012

Smiles All Around

While everyone else is headed off to the first day of school, I took both girls in for their first ever dentist appointment.  It was an adventure that surprisingly went really well.

Unfortunately, Megan has developed a genuine fear of surgical gloves.  Yes you read that right.  But think about it -- Our doctor doesn't wear gloves just to do her well-child checks, but the nurses who have given her shots and taken her blood have all worn gloves.  So when the hygenist pulled on those gloves, Megan started to cry and get very upset about blood.  After reassuring her that there was no blood taking or shots involved, she submitted to 2 x-rays while continuing to look very upset and have a quivering lip.  Then came the exam.

Correction -- then came Abby's exam.  Megan still wasn't calm enough to proceed so the doctor wisely started with Abby -- who cooperated, never cried, did everything they asked her to, and was completely and totally fine.

Megan cried the entire time Abby's exam went on.

Then it was time for Megan's exam.  She cried through the scraping (although who can blame her, I hate that part) and then started laughing when they cleaned her teeth.  She laughed the entire rest of the time and was fine after that.  In fact, she just asked me if we can go do it again.

She is my emotional rollercoaster child for sure.  I fear the coming teenage years.

William slept part of the time and then was awake but was golden.  So it actually went very well.
These are their shiny, sparkly smiles:

William has also been smiling -- mostly for Chopper.  Chop does a great job of tickling his bottom lip just right.

 Ok not smiling here -- but it's a really cute concerned face!

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