Sunday, June 3, 2012

Impulse Buying

I am a truly terrible impulse buyer.  If it's a good deal or really cute, I just can't resist!  And it's particularly terrible with fabric.  In fact, I told Chopper that I either need to own a quilt shop or work in a quilt shop so that I can be surrounded by adorable and wonderful fabric without having the need to purchase it and take it home with me.  

So case in point: last November when I went to the International Quilt Festival in Houston, I tried to limit my purchasing to fabric (partly because you can get books and patterns, etc. on Amazon much cheaper anyway).  But I did relent on this Playtime pattern and ruler by Kariepatch Designs.  Not because I NEED another playmat, but because it is so darn cute!  It has these 3-dimensional ties that you can attach toys to.

Then on Mother's Day, I went to one of my favorite quilting stores and happened to see this fabric made up into a pillow and  It's called "Just Hanging" by Alexander Henry and you can find it online for sure.  But it's one of those prints that I just did NOT want to cut into.  

So instead, I used it as a panel with the tie blocks around the border and voila!!!
How adorable is that?????

 A close up of how the ties work.

 And this amazing fabric -- and my wonky quilting -- I'm really an impatient quilter to be honest.

The back of the quilt -- I went a little more modern with this one and added a pieced center with the leftover triangles from the tie blocks but also to extend the polka-dot print.

 The girls of course had to give it a whirl.  Hopefully they'll be in a sharing mood when this little one needs his tummy time.  And I'm hoping that the bright colors and the fun toys will do it -- Megan in particular hated tummy time and so we tried to be more consistent with Abby.  I think it worked.  At any rate, he'll have an adorable quilt to look at!!!

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