Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Good News

Actually I need to start with a warning that this post is about bodily functions, so if you're not interested, DON'T READ IT!!

Ok so the good news is that Megan's bloodwork all came back normal -- no celiac's disease, no thyroid conditions, and I can't remember what else they tested for.  Those were the big 2 that I was curious about.

Also good news, since we've had Megan on the Miralax (4 tsp. a day! for the past almost 2 weeks) she has started to use the actual toilet again.  Apparently as things have softened up she has overcome some of her fear.  We still have the occasional accident but for the most part, we are headed in the right direction.  Whew!!  The doctor has asked me to keep her on the Miralax for another 2 weeks and then we have a follow-up appointment to talk about our continuing strategy.

I'm glad but also wondering why her system is this way?  Is it purely diet?  Is there something else there that makes her sluggish?  I'm not sure what our next plan of action will be but for now we're celebrating the little triumphs!  Which at this point, are big triumphs!!

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Alicia said...

Some people just have sluggish systems. My mother is one of them. She's been constipated her whole life she says. But, they adopted an almost completely vegan/vegetarian diet about 8 months ago and by cutting out meat and dairy she has been able to naturally help her body function better. Lots of veggies, lots of beans and lentils = lots of fiber and better movement. They read the book Eat to Live.