Monday, June 11, 2012

Abby the Disaster Child

The last time my mom was here, she couldn't get over Abby's disregard for mess and tendency to create disaster.  I suppose that it's particularly obvious since Megan is the COMPLETE opposite and is very careful and clean.

So just to give you a taste:

Today we got home from Costco and I had meat that needed to be divided and frozen.  So of course once my hands are covered in pork goo (ewwww), I look over and Abby is in the pantry, eating and dumping flour.  And she doesn't listen.  At all.  Once I remove her from the pantry, she immediately goes into the living room and starts eating Megan's sponge dinosaurs -- the ones that you "grow" out of the capsules in hot water?  Yeah.  So I remove her from that situation.  I finish with the meat, walk back into the living room, and her mouth is in that shape that usually means there's something inside -- and yes, she's nearly 2 and a half!  So I ask her, Abby, what's in your mouth?  Word for word she says to me, "ummmm, my teef!!"

Cheeky little girl.

She crawls into the magazine rack, gets stuck, and then chews on the legs when she finally gets out, strings string from my sewing machine all over the office and she just walked in and handed me the remote from the tv with the back open and a battery in her mouth.  She got in big trouble for that one actually because of the danger.

Everyone talks about that phase where babies put everything in their mouths and then explore their world as they get mobile.  I think she's supposed to be past that by now -- but apparently she isn't.  I'm doing more baby proofing now than I think I've ever done!!!  And it looks like I need to take it a step further even.

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