Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Baby Shower for He Who Has Not Been Named

I have incredible friends!!  With all the joking about Lloyd Voldemort and He Who Has Not Been Named, my friends Trulee and Lisa decided to throw a Harry Potter themed baby shower for me.  They did an absolutely fantastic job!!

The food was all "authentic" to the theme:
My friend Lisa went to Harry Potter world about a month or two ago and got some ideas -- and some Bernie Bott's every flavor beans (on the right)!!!  I had cinnamon, bubble gum, pepper, and a few that I'm not sure I want to identify because they were pretty bad . . . 

The love potion was so clever -- a few drops of red food coloring in the cup (which no one noticed really) and then add 7-Up or Sprite and it turns pink!   Lisa also made Butterbear -- cream soda with caramel flavoring and whipped cream on top.  She says it's pretty darn close to the real thing and it was good!

 Trulee made the sugar mice and the chocolate frogs.

 Hillary did these awesome cupcakes.  The hats are chocolate covered Bugles on top of cookies and they were chocolate with lemon curd filling which turned out really really good (at least to me!).

Another friend brought crackers and cheese and a veggie platter and a bowl of pickles!  I tell you it was the perfect baby shower for a pregnant woman!

 I don't know if you can really see the shirt (well, I know with the size of my belly you can see the shirt -- question is, can you see what's on it?).  Chopper and I at the last minute made a fun Harry Potter shirt out of one of his.  The Hello name tag on the front says "He who has not been named" and the back says "I solemnly swear I am up to no good."  Yeah, we're nerds -- but it was fun to "dress up" a little!!

Once everyone arrived we were sorted into our houses!  Lisa made up cards with each house name and we pulled them out of a hat.  I am not kidding when I say I pulled Slytherin!!!  Then each house came up with what the baby will look like using parts cut from magazines and named each one.  So our new names to consider (all with Lloyd as the middle name) are Sly (from Slytherin house), James (from Gryffindor -- who was Harry Potter's dad by the way), Dyoll (from Ravenclaw -- don't ask -- Lloyd backwards), and Malckom (Hufflepuff -- it uses all the initials already in our family apparently).  Chopper hasn't seen them yet, we'll see what he thinks but it was a fun game!!

We ate, we talked, I opened presents!  My friends were very generous with the diapers and the clothes and the cute blankets and animals but I just had to show these two because they blew me away.  I've seen these diaper creations online but never actually in person.  And when I've seen them I've thought that must be so hard to make!!!  Well I must have some talented friends because one did a diaper cake:

And another did a diaper motorcycle!  Oh, excuse me -- a diaper chopper!!!  Very appropriate and VERY cute!

I have some friends hopefully sending me some more pictures but really it was a lot of fun and I felt very very loved.  3 weeks now and counting until he's here!!  Well, hopefully at least -- this week is supposed to be our first week of 100 degree weather and since it's finally here (it's been mild so far -- only in the 90s), it will stay 100 degrees until at least September so I'm definitely ready for this little man to come into the world!

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