Monday, May 21, 2012

Time Flies

At the beginning of the week I look at what's going on and I wonder how I'm going to fill up all that empty time.  Then at the end of the week, I don't know what empty time I had!  Things have been so crazy lately . . . and hot.  How do I do this with 3?  Well, only 8 more weeks until I get to find out.  And despite being busy and feeling like time is going really fast, that particular measure of time is DRAGGING!

One of the big projects that kept me busy this past week was putting together the decorations for our stake women's conference.  It wasn't just me -- my friend Hillary was pretty much the genius behind it and did the bulk of the work but it was still crazy.  The theme for the conference was a virtuous woman more priceless than rubies from Proverbs 31 and this is what we came up with:
 Didn't they turn out nice?  The larger block has the scripture on it and then the smaller blocks each have a different virtue from Proverbs 31 with a description of what that virtue means.  Then we decorated each one with objects representing that virtue.  So this on is home. 

 This is industry.

And this is either home or faith -- can't really tell.  There were 10 virtues in all.  It turned out really nicely.  The conference was awesome too!  We had fantastic speakers and I know that I came away completely uplifted and inspired and also with some answers to prayer.

In between running errands and crafting and cleaning (yes I actually did!), we've also spent a lot of time outside in the pool, eating popsicles, 

and playing in mud.  I swear I am getting rid of the sandbox.  I don't mind them getting all sandy once in a while but it has become a real pain because it's gotten to the point where I don't want them to go outside unless I'm willing to bathe them and then clean the tub out.  And they discovered the joy of mixing sandbox and pool.  Nope, it has to go.
So on the agenda for this week?  Carpet cleaning (which means house cleaning beforehand), visiting teaching, doctor's appointment, and that's it for scheduled activities.  But I'm already feeling like we've got a ton going on.  Maybe it's nesting because I also have a list of things I want to accomplish in the next 8 weeks: playmat quilt (ok I don't really need one but I have a great pattern and the CUTEST fabric ever that I can't wait to show off) some room decor that needs to be finished so that I can move things off my floor and out of closets, setting up the baby's "room" in our room -- oh which means cleaning and organizing our room, and stuff like that.  Holy moly I need to get busy!  And our neighborhood pool is now open which means I need to find my swimsuit and we'll probably be there a lot -- the girls are SOOOOOO excited about that.  That will be a new adventure -- keeping both of them from drowning which also navigating my big belly.  But since it won't be happening much after July, we need to get our fill in now!!  And I need to stop typing and take the girls to the park because it's a nice morning and they need to get out of the house.  

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You are awesome. Wow.