Sunday, May 27, 2012

Same Wonderful Chopper

Ah, 35.  That's a nice age don't you think?  At least, it was a nice birthday celebration (I hope) for turning 35.  We've now celebrated Friday, Saturday, and maybe tomorrow as well.  Chopper always gets a birthday weekend.  But I can't complain because he does the same for me!

This year I decided to go out on a limb and makes biscuits and gravy for the first time!  And you know what?  They turned out really good?  And Chopper loved it -- so we'll make that birthday present number 1.
Then he took a nap (birthday present #2) followed by a regular day and then the opening of presents!

Of course no present opening is complete without a little assistance: 

 I found the HBO mini series John Adams for him (it's really good actually, especially if you like historical stuff), the first season of M.A.S.H., a couple of dress shirts for church and work and this is what Megan insisted on getting dad:
 Yes, an Elmo coloring book.  Of course she had ulterior motives and confiscated said coloring book about 10 minutes after he opened it (Chopper didn't mind too much I think).

After dinner we sang happy birthday and he blew out a few candles on his key lime pie (first one I've ever made -- but it was really easy!) and we ate!!

Saturday we had to continue the celebration with one of Chopper's favorite hobbies:
Yep -- he smoked a rack of ribs!  They turned out really good and so his next goal is to acquire an actual smoker and then to come up with that awesome secret sauce.  Eventually, we'll make it to Memphis in May!!  Although we might have to master the brisket while we're living in Texas since that's the barbecue entree of choice here!

It's been a nice, fairly quiet weekend and a happy birthday to Chopper!

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