Friday, May 11, 2012

The Name Game

31 weeks today.  I'm pretty sure that we had decided on the girls' names by this point but we are just not having any luck with boy's names.  We do have a list going on the mirror though, although it's the second list.  The first one was entirely scrapped and we started over.

What has surprised me the most though is the fun that we've been having with "Lloyd".  I've never really loved the name (and since Chopper is Chopper it wasn't a big deal), but it's turned out to inspire some pretty funny things.  I've already posted about a few of them I think but just recently I've thought of how we could use it for Halloween costumes (yes I know it's May).  We could all dress up as flies and be "Lloyd of the Flies" or just Chopper could dress up and be "Lloyd of the Dance".  It honestly makes me laugh a lot just thinking about it.

So 31 weeks and counting.  I'm hot.  I'm heavy.  I'm tired.  And I'm starting to get anxious and excited.  I can't wait to see what "He Who Has Not Yet Been Named" is going to look like.  And I don't think I've ever really posted a pregnancy picture yet this time around.  Here you go!

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Amanda said...

You look fabulous, Kristy! We still have no boys name! We have a girls name; however, we have now seen his man parts multiple times, so it is pretty useless. We have a list. I hope I know his name when we see him. Ridge is actually a difficult last name. Anything beginning with an R is way too alliterative. You can't use any of the trendy names because it sounds like a development (aka Franklin Ridge, Starting in the low 330's). And neither Claron nor I are fans of top 100 names or anything too off the path... For a long time, I thought his name was "Seth," but then Claron said that Seth Ridge sounds too much like Etheridge (and so, I conceded). I hope you have more luck than we are having!!!