Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Complete Mother's Day

None of the men at church believed me when I said that Chopper treats me to a Mother's Day weekend.  But it's true!  Saturday's I get some time to myself (he says it's ironic that what I want for Mother's Day is to get away from being a mother but everyone needs a break once in a while!) and then of course we does things for me on Sunday too.  But that's not what made it complete.

Yesterday was WONDERFUL!  I did a little fabric shopping (by myself) and came home to these:

 Mounds and mounds (literally, if you want some PLEASE come over!) of chocolate covered strawberries! Megan and Abby were so excited by this.  When I walked in the door Megan ran up to me and said "Daddy made you a delicious treat!  It's your first treat -- come see!" and then proceeded to get into the fridge, hand me one, and help herself.  Although she did ask me, strawberry in hand, if I was going to share with her.  Of course!

Then I made cookies for the sisters in our ward and we went to dinner at an Italian place we enjoy and came home!  The girls were in the best moods yesterday -- funny and cheerful and adorable.  Chopper even got them to smile for the camera and took the cutest pictures for me:

Can you believe that?  I love my girls (and my husband of course).

This morning he let me sleep in and I woke up to quilt magazines and a book for presents with a card signed by him AND the girls.  Megan drew me a picture.  We had church and he made dinner . . . and the girls were cranky and miserable all day.  Yes, that it what makes it a complete Mother's Day weekend.  All facets of being a mother were in play this weekend!  Megan refused to go up and sing during the Primary song for Mother's Day and Abby nearly threw a fit because she wasn't allowed to go up and sing!  She also got really angry when she missed half of the song because she was asleep and it ended too soon for her taste.  Sigh.  And church was exhausting because she does not stop moving and I am feeling it!  So I'm spending my evening on the couch eating chocolate covered strawberries and I'll clean the house tomorrow!!!!  

In actuality, I'm very grateful to be a mom and grateful for the ways in which it has tried and stretched me and yes, given me great joy.  I'm not always grateful for the trials and I probably won't be too grateful when Abby wakes me up at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning as usual but I wouldn't be who I am today without them.  I also wouldn't be who I am without my own mother.  I have been blessed with a fantastic mother who will drop everything and come visit me just because I'm having a hard time (oh yes, and a fantastic father who will pay for her to do that!!!).  And who helps me tremendously as I figure out this whole parenting thing.  I wish more and more that we lived closer so that we could see her more often but I know that won't happen for a while probably (also something I have to thank my dad for, and Chopper -- darn those jobs!) so I'm just grateful for the phone and the computer and the things that allow me to talk to her everyday (or almost).  I hope I can be that for my children some day too.

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