Friday, December 2, 2011

A Fairy Party!

Well, I'll apologize first off and tell you that my pictures are terrible AND I didn't even think to get the girls to pose for one together.  Sigh.  Fun party though.

Right before Thanksgiving a new Tinker Bell "movie" came out.  So in honor of The Pixie Hollow Games,  worked with some friends to throw a fabulous fairy party!

We started at a friends house where Silvermist (one of Tinker Bell's friends) had visited and left dew drops (blue tear-drop gems) and fairy treasures (rollo candies -- loved by all of course).  The girls went on a treasure hunt and then used their dewdrops to make fantastic dewdrop bracelets.  Thanks Silvermist!  The idea came from FamilyFun Magazine and you can find it here.

Then after playing for a little while we came back to our house.  We started by making some flower fairy friends (also from the magazine here) that the girls just loved.  And they did turn out really really cute!  I prepped most of the parts beforehand and the "building" still required parental involvement but the girls did really well with picking colors and cutting and assembling.

Afterwards, we laid out a picnic blanket and had a picnic lunch eating fabulous fairy foods: fruit, flower sandwiches, little crackers, mini cupcakes, and acorn cookies (also from FamilyFun, my goodness they have the best ideas!!) while watching the movie and we ALL loved that.  I'm serious!  The girls were mesmerized and the adults laughed at quite a few things as well.  It was actually really really cute and just a shame that it was a lot shorter than we thought -- 1/2 hour maybe 45 minutes -- not a feature length.

Ignore the while frosting -- they would have been much cuter with brown but they were still cute!

Anyway, we had a GREAT time!  Megan may be asking for fairy parties for quite some time . . . 


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