Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Signs of the Season

I'll just tell you right now that all these pictures are blurry.  No one wants to hold still around here!  With less than a week to go, we've been holiday busy in a very good way.

Our house is decorated (somewhat) and the girls got to see Santa come by on the firetruck!  They do this every year but I felt bad for him this year because we really had below freezing weather and that poor Santa is riding around on the top of a fire truck!  I hope that his padding was electric heated. . .  .

This year our Christmas party was "Christmas morning" themed and we wrapped some large diaper boxes to put under the tree for decorations.  Abby very obligingly helped us carry them to the car.

I finally got all my projects finished (ta-da!) and I don't think I took a picture of a single one except this one!  Whoops!  Given the lateness of the season I'm titling it "In the St. Nick of Time".  Haha.

Most of my family is here so there will be plenty more pictures to follow (hopefully -- I'm pretty bad at that) but for now everyone's tired and catching up on shopping and eating and sleeping (all my brothers except one are still poor student-types).  But it's fun to do funny things when they're sleeping.

Megan and Abby have ONE cousin on my side of the family and Liam is a cutie.  He's also very active and the same size, if not bigger, than Abby.  And he's almost 6 months younger!  The girls are having tons of fun with him and their uncles.  We've had piggy back rides and shoulder rides and flying and all sorts of things that I'm too tired to do and Chopper's still working for the week.  They are in heaven!  I am too because it gives me a nice little break!

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