Tuesday, December 6, 2011

We Have A Gummy Bear!

The hands-down best thing about being pregnant in this day and age is the technology that allows you to see and hear your baby so early!  I love it!  However, drugs that help with morning sickness may come in at a very close second.

I had my FIRST doctor's appointment today and she did an ultrasound to confirm due date.  Sorry, I left the pictures at the doctor's office so I'll scan and post them later when I pick them up because it seriously looks like a gummy bear!  At this point, the head is 50% of the total body mass (or weight or whatever) and the arms and legs are just developing so it really is a gummy bear.  But you could see (and we did hear) the little heartbeat and there was quite a bit of movement which surprised me.

Everything is looking good and my official due date is July 13 which means for those of you who know me that there will be a baby in the house sometime in the week after.  

I just love that visual and audio confirmation.  As if my head in the toilet every two hours isn't confirmation enough.  It's just so sweet and wonderful.

And yes, we will find out the gender.  Honestly, I keep thinking of the baby as a "him" but I kind've felt that way with Abby and was obviously very wrong so I've decided I don't have intuition in that department.  But we will find out for sure because you know I can't stand the wait!

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aidanjordan said...

That audio/video confirmation is the best! And I am the same way as you- I need to know the gender as soon as possible so I can have the room/clothes, etc. ready!