Monday, December 5, 2011

Funny Words

There are a lot of things that I don't love about having young children: tantrums, fighting, picky eating, etc.  But one thing that I do love is language development.  Both my girls are in fun stages with their language.  Megan sounds so sophisticated -- funny when it comes out of her 3 year old mouth.  And I can't even convey what it sounds like with their little voices but it particularly makes us laugh when she pronounces:
"I just love this hot hot chocolate!"
"That is the biggest Christmas tree I ever saw!"
When I ask her if she wants something and she doesn't -- "no thank you, I'm just eating my _______ " because this usually happens with food.

Abby on the other hand is starting to use verbal filler.  Last night Megan kept saying stuff that Abby would repeat.  We were watching the Christmas devotional and they had a prior program with flowers in the end credits and so Megan says "look at those beautiful purple and pink flowers!" And Abby says "oh, purple and pink!"  "I love those orange flower" "Oh, orange flowers".  

It's so much funnier to actually hear.  I'm glad everyone's coming for a visit.

And speaking of which -- I'm working on closets and Abby discovered the infant seat and promptly climbed in.  Funny thing is, she actually still fits.

 Just some cute pictures from the park in front of the library the other day.

 Abby has the most amazing sweet tooth.  She ate all this ice cream without hardly pausing.  AND she likes soda.  I have always banned Chopper from giving the girls Dr. Pepper but she's had some sips of caffeine free drinks and now Chopper has to be careful about leaving his Dr. Pepper around.  She knows and loves soda!

Just some more words -- her fun expressive ones.

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