Saturday, August 2, 2008

First Food!

We decided to have our first taste test while Grandma is still here. Megan was ready! On practice spoon runs she opened her mouth and accepted it willingly. Mom's also been trying to give her a little water from a cup which she likes but doesn't know what to do with.

We prepare ourselves with the cutest bib we own (it's a crab people and it does NOT reflect Megan's personality but I couldn't resist.)
ANd we're off!
Megan did really well -- according to my mom, better than I did the first time. She accepted it, didn't push it out with her tongue, but did get the BEST faces and wasn't sure how to handle this new substance. And I think it was the substance since I tasted it myself and its really bland -- oh yeah, rice cereal of course. After a while she started making faces at me like "you're seriously making me continue?" so we stopped and nursed instead.
I don't know if you can really tell but we're on our way to Stevensville for the Creamery Picnic and Montana State BBQ Championship (something like 6 competitors and no tasting -- what's up with that?) and mom and Megan are both asleep in the back seat as we drive.
Then I started taking pictures of Megan in her mirror (Chopper is driving -- don't worry!) and got a pretty decent one of her stink face. She's not mad, or tired, or whatever. She's just been scrunching up her face lately for the heck of it.

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