Monday, August 4, 2008

Goodbye Grandma :(

Well I guess the vacation is over. Grandma probably just boarded her airplane back to Michigan. It's always nice to get back into the normal routine but it really has been wonderful to be out of it.

You know, Chopper and I are really enjoying Missoula but it has been a difficult transition. I went from full-time job, involved in my ward, hanging out with friends to being a full-time mom (which I love, don't get me wrong -- it's just very different), not really holding a calling, and not having people that I just call up or randomly visit with. Although I am grateful to be home with Megan and enjoying our time together, in many ways I have been lonely. I'm not trying to garner sympathy or anything but I just want to say thank you because blogging has really helped me feel like I'm still a part of everyone's lives and even though it's not direct contact, the involvement and the friendships have been very important to me. I am really glad that I live in an era when we have these technological benefits to keep us connected! Although I suppose that if I were living in the 1800s I'd be at the next farm over, right? :)

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Peterson Family said...

I'm so glad you found us through Jaime and Zane! Wow, I cannot believe how big Megan is! She is so adorable, I can see a little bit of both of you in her (a little more of you I think). I am so grateful for technology that helps us keep in touch too. I have just become obsessed with blogging, it is such a fun way to have your memories up for everyone to see.
Well you were always SO busy here in Pocatello, it sounds like the pace has changed. Its probably nice in some ways, I sure miss you in the ward though. Well I will definitely keep in touch!